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Commission Structure

Our Commission Structure table is very simple there are not fine prints in our agreement.

You have the option to choose between Member and Non Member both are 100% commission based, transaction fees varies.

We are a boutique company that helps you grow your business organically. It’s through providing a rich suite of training opportunities and customizable marketing materials that enable our associates to concentrate their efforts within these segments without getting the big bite from the Brokerage.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation system has the ability to transform your website into an intuitive tool displaying local

market facts like valuations and population demographics and more such as lead capture, CRM system,

email campaigns, marketing collateral, customer retention and management. The system provides you

with the necessary tools and instructions on how to use it most effectively.


Skyhouse Realty IT and marketing knowledge ensure our Agents access to the best resources to increase your exposure and ability to gain industry and clients recognition. Our operating system is easy to use and you can work from there anywhere at any time.

Corporate Email

It is included when you join Skyhouse, at the same time we strongly support individualism and privacy of your data therefore corporate email address is optional.

Personal Website

Skyhouse offer a customizable and fully-functioning website with IDX integration. Your website can feature listings, community information, property searches all which help build business and increase opportunity.

Paperless Transaction Management

At Skyhouse Agent Board most transaction are handled through the best paperless transactions management software. You will be able to stay organized through the transaction process.

Branded Customizable Marketing

We have wholesales printing accounts for your convenience. We have designed templates of campaigns, newsletter and signs ready for your customization. Our corporate marketing team is easy to reach.

In–Person Training and Professional Development

We want you to learn and be enthusiastic of this fantastic career, the more training, support and guidance from us you are more likely to succeed

At Skyhouse we host industry speakers, entrepreneurs and motivators usually after working hours networking events it’s the best way to get together and learn at the same time.

Online Video Training

We have webinars and online resources for you to progress in the personal and professional level.

Signage / Business Cards

We have printing wholesale accounts our first high end set of 1000 business cards it is included with the membership. We have the business card template to make you stand from the crowd.

Trademarked Logo

We’ll give you access to our logos and color, in case you like to customize campaigns.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Included our E&O insurance covers up to $1 Million, deductible to be paid by the associate.

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