Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

As an agent you are only to provide services of Real Estate permitted under licensing law. If you would like to form a separate entity or corporation to have a management business or any other business that is your choice.

Yes! We have non mandatory weekly meetings, events and entrepreneurs speaker, recommended channels. Also local Realtor Association offers MLS, Tax, Marketing tools and Services with your membership.

Yes, every transaction is insured up to $1 Million, deductible to be paid by the associate.

We will pay you by by direct deposit, you can get paid at closing by using our preferred title company. Our payroll is set for every Friday.

Our Policy and Procedures Manual is detailed and easy to read. You can always Contact Us.

  • Click the “Join Online Now” button to take you to the registration page. There, you will be prompted to first establish a Skyhouse Agent User Login. After you enter your agent profile you can review the Independent Contractor Agreement.
  • Input your Credit Card Billing information if required.
  • W-9 registration and MLS Association forms (as needed). The entire process will take only a few minutes.
  • No, you have the total freedom to work at your own pace without the worry of any quotas or requirements

    It is highly encouraged. However If you decide you do not need the association tools and resources we do have an option for you.

    Current Florida real estate license is required. You must also agree to our terms and conditions, the Independent Contractor Agreement and promise to follow the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and Practices (NAR).

    Agreements can be cancelled at any time given 30-days written notice from the day you first started.

    No hidden tactics and no hidden fees, our service table explains all of our charges. Our retention rate proves it.

    Skyhouse Realty have a strong commitment and determination to help you reach new levels of professional achievement. Large franchises and brand name real estate brokerage brag about their prime location and fancy office. We have that too and that’s not all you need to succeed, we offer your personal website set up, with top lead generation and IDX system; We are always looking for new ways to nurture our agents capacity and mindset.