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SKYHOUSE Realty is Miami’s most convenient Real Estate Brokerage, we value our agents time and money and offer the best flexible plans the industry can offer.

As experts in the industry for over 10 years we have maintained a unparalleled level of professionalism and integrity. Our team, training and infrastructure will make sure you become the best Real Estate agent you can be, supporting you from Day 1. We empower our agents to elevate their business and become the best agents they can be.

We like to push the limits, think outside the box, and create the change our industry needs. We empower our agents to elevate their business and dream about what’s next.

At Skyhouse Realty we believe that the agent is the brand. This methodology runs contrary to the norm in the real estate industry but a major part of our success stems from it.

We provide our associates with a commission structure, proprietary tools, expert education, and a level of teamwork and support that tips the balance in their favor.

What Our Agents Say

Jorge Bernando Möller
Jorge Bernando MöllerSkyhouse Agent
Working with SKYHOUSE has truly been a great experience, the staff is incredible knowledgeable and supportive. Their main goal is for you to succeed.
Kadir Puentes Dahan
Kadir Puentes DahanSkyhouse Agent
Skyhouse Realty has provided me with all the tools and support that i need to promote my business and provide my clients with the best service they can get.

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